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Required documentation
Required documentation
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We ask you to provide basic information about your business to start selling as soon as possible, in a secure way.

Read all the information we will ask you in each step, for you to have everything within reach when setting up your account.


Required information


Commercial information: your company’s name or brand, the industry it belongs to and your company's website.

Legal information: your company's legal name and country of origin, the company owner's ID type and number, and the currency you want for your account balance.

The balance currency is the one that you choose to view and compare your income in different countries when selling abroad.

If you are an individual, we will not ask for your company’s legal name, but your first and last name.

Contact details: only your cell phone number.


Company owner’s documentation: a copy of the main shareholder’s ID and proof of address of the company’s owner.

Company’s documentation: tax registration certificate and the company’s articles of incorporation.

If you are an individual, we will ask neither for the tax registration certificate nor for the company’s articles of incorporation.

Bank account information: basic information about the account you wish to withdraw your money from.

You can change your account and add another one if you wish, from the section My bank accounts.

Ready! By completing the information in the 2 steps of your account setup, you will be able to have unlimited sales, wherever you want and as you please. Easy, isn’t it?

If you need to check the uploaded information, go to section Company profile in your dLocal Go account.

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