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How to manage my transactions
How to manage my transactions
Updated over a week ago

Every time you make a sale using any of dLocal Go's payment solutions, you can find it in the Transactions section. There, you’ll see the payment status of each transaction, the amount, its creation date, and the identification number, along with basic customer information.

To easily and quickly find a specific transaction, search for it by its identification number, the paid amount, your customer's name, or their email address. If you need further assistance, use the filters for creation date, country where the transaction was made, payment method chosen by your customer, and payment status.

If you want more details about a particular transaction, access the menu of that transaction. There, you’ll find more information about your customer and payment details, and you can request a refund by clicking the "Request Refund" button if desired.

You can also download a report in CSV or XLSX format with all the information about your transactions by clicking the "Download Report" button.

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