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Magento checkout redirect - Installation guide
Magento checkout redirect - Installation guide
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Learn how to configure dLocal Go in your Magento store.


An extension to add integration with dLocal Go payment gateway via redirect. 
This payment method can be restricted to work only with specific Shipping methods.


This extension was developed and tested in Magento 2.4.3. 
Should be compatible with Magento 2.3 +

In order to use this extension, a dLocal Go merchant account is needed. Create an account.


This module is intended to be installed manually.

  1. Copy the dLocal Go folder into your app/code directory.

  2. Run the following commands:

  • magento module: enable magento

  • setup: upgrade magento

  • cache: clean magento

  • cache: flush 

3. To confirm that it was installed correctly, log in the admin panel and go to Stores > Settings/Configuration > Sales/Payment Methods. You should find dLocal under "Other payment methods".

Module configuration

dLocal Go gateway module depends on "Sales", "Payment" and "Checkout" Magento modules.

Configuration attributes

Enabled: is payment method enabled

Title: the title shown to the client

Sandbox mode: for testing purposes only. If enabled, the payment method will connect to d-local sandbox servers.

X-Login-Sandbox: x-login credential for sandbox account.

X-Trans-Key-Sandbox: x-trans-key credential for sandbox account.

X-Secret-Sandbox: x-secret credential for sandbox account.

X-Login: x-login credential for production account.

X-Trans-Key: x-trans-key credential for production account.

X-Secret: x-secret credential for production account.

Payment Action: default action of payment

Payment From Applicable Countries: allows you to limit countries where the payment method can be used.


When enabled, dLocal Go should appear as a valid payment method on your store’s checkout.

When a user chooses dLocal Go, they will be redirected to our secure payment gateway, where they will be able to select their preferred payment method and complete their purchase.

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