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WooCommerce checkout redirect - Installation guide
WooCommerce checkout redirect - Installation guide
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Learn how to configure the dLocal Go checkout in your WooCommerce store.

In this guide you’ll find how to Integrate your WooCommerce store with dLocal Go’s redirect checkout for your customers.

Getting started

dLocal Go’s plugin for WooCommerce provides a redirect shopping experience for your customers. This means that they will be redirected to the dLocal Go checkout at the time of payment, to pay with their favorite payment method, and then brought back to your site when the payment is finished. The app is available for merchants selling in LATAM, USA, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. For more information see our coverage.

Install dLocal Go redirect checkout

To start, you’ll need to install the dLocal Go redirect checkout plugin. This action will enable your store to provide customers with a redirect checkout to complete their purchases.

You’ll be able to see your orders in WooCommerce and your transactions in your dLocal Go account. In order to install the payment app you'll need a WooCommerce store and a dLocal Go account. Let's start!

  1. Access your Wordpress account

  2. Click on “Plugins” on the side menu

  3. Select “Add New”

  4. Search for “dLocal Go payments for Woocommerce”

  5. Click on “Install now”

  6. Once the plugin is installed, click on “Activate”

  7. To be able to sell with dLocal Go redirect checkout, you´ll need to submit the keys to connect your dLocal Go account with your WooCommerce account. In order to do this, click on “configure” in dLocal Go’s plugin in the plugin section in WooCommerce

  8. To copy the keys you´ll need to access your dLocal Go account. Open a new window and log into our dLocal Go account. a. If you don't have a dLocal Go account, you can create one by clicking on “Sign up”. b. If you are creating a new account during the installation process, bear in mind that you´ll need to verify your account with the verification token sent via email and complete step 1 of the account setup process to be able to create transactions.

  9. Once you logged in to you dLocal go account click on “Integrations” on the side menu

  10. In the WooCommerce section, copy the integration keys: a. First you´ll need to copy the production api key of your dLocal Go account and paste it in the input “Production API key” within the setup in dLocal Go plugin in WooCommerce b. Then copy the secret key of your dLocal Go account and paste it in in the “Production API Secret” within the setup in dLocal Go plugin in WooCommerce

  11. Important: Make sure the checkbox “Production” is on. This checkbox will enable or disable the test mode.

  12. Click “Save changes” and done! Your plugin is ready to go!

Your customers will see the payment option available within your checkout.

You can always manage your dLocal Go redirect setup from your dLocal Go account or WooCommerce panel.

You can also download the plugin directly from the WooCommerce site and place the plugin directory inside wp-content/plugins.

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