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Knowing the payment link
Updated over a week ago

The payment link solution is the fastest and simplest way to charge online via WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or your favorite social network. You don't need any kind of technical knowledge: you just create the link from our platform, share it with your client, and that's it!

You can create one-time payment links and recurring payment links.

One-time payment link: ideal for receiving payment from a customer, one time only.

Recurring payment link: ideal for receiving payment from one or multiple customers, as many times as you want.


Select the country from where your client will pay you


Complete the amount of your product or service


Create the payment link and share it with your client

Ready! Your customer will open your link and choose their preferred payment method to pay. Remember that your buyers will pay in their local currency but you will always receive your money in the currency of your company's country.

The dLocal Go platform allows you to manage your transactions, withdrawals from your sales, refunds, customers, coverage, payment methods, and everything you want from your dLocal Go account.

We are available to help you with whatever you need, in the online chat you will find on your account.

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