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Knowing the payment button
Updated over a week ago

Payment button is the perfect payment solution for those who have a website and want to receive multiple payments of the same amount. You just have to create the button from our platform, insert it on your site and that's it!

It is ideal for those who sell a few products or a single type of service.

To create a payment button, you only need to fill in the amount of your product or service and the currency in which you will fix the transaction your customers will pay. After creating it, you copy the code that appears on your platform and insert it into the HTML of your site. That easy!

If you wish, you can also write the call to action the button will have and select its language.

When your customers click the button on your website, they will choose their preferred payment method to pay.

If you set the amount of your payment button in USD, that button will be available for all the countries in which we have coverage (but your buyers will always pay you in their local currency).

Remember that you will always receive your money in the currency of the country of your company.

The dLocal Go platform allows you to manage your transactions, withdrawals from your sales, customers, coverage, payment methods, and everything you want from your dLocal Go account.

We are available to help you with whatever you need, in the online chat that you will find on your account.

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