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How do I create a recurring payment link?
How do I create a recurring payment link?
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To create a recurring payment link and receive payment from a single or multiple customers, as many times as you want, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Payment Link section of your dLocal Go account

  2. Click on "Create payment link" and then on "Recurring payment link"

  3. Select the country from where your customer will make the payment

  4. Enter the amount and currency for your product or service

  5. Create the recurring payment link and share it with your customer via WhatsApp or your preferred social network.

That's it! Your client will open the link and choose their favorite payment method to pay you.

You can share a recurring payment link as many times as you want with one or multiple customers. Plus, unlike one-time payment links, recurring links don’t expire!

Remember that your clients will pay you in their local currency, but you’ll always receive your money in the currency of the country where your company is based.

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