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In which countries can I sell with dLocal Go?
In which countries can I sell with dLocal Go?
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You can receive payments from most Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. And you can also charge in Asia, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. In all these countries you can accept local and international payments.

If your company is based in the United States, Panama, or Spain, you can accept international payments but you will not be able to sell locally. You cannot receive payments from the United States and Europe, only from Latin America, Asia and Africa

In each country where you decide to sell, you will have local payment methods enabled so that your customers can pay with no effort and with confidence. Remember that you already have all the payment methods activated on your platform. If you want to review them or deactivate any, access your account.

We will continue to add new emerging markets so that your business can go further and further.

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